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Carl Benz

MWM looks back on a tradition of more than 100 years, with an omnipresent spirit of innovation. The establishment of the “Mechanische Werkstätte” (Mechanical Workshop) by automobile pioneer Carl Benz in Mannheim in 1871 marked the beginning of the era of gas engines. Over more than a dozen decades, the enthusiasm and innovative drive of engineers have produced an ongoing flow of new developments and contributed to MWM’s current position as one of the leading providers of gas engines and power generators>. Thus, MWM has continually improved the performance, efficiency, and reliability of its systems, which are sold from Mannheim to the whole world.

With the establishment of the “Mechanische Werkstätte Mannheim” (Mechanical Workshop Mannheim) under the name Carl Benz and August Ritter, famous engine and automobile inventor Carl Benz laid the foundation for MWM